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Corporate Counselling     

Gondar & Associates provides legal counseling to many national and international corporations that operate in the Argentine market. 

We provide comprehensive legal assistance to our corporate clients in such areas such as:

  • Drafting and negotiation local and international agreements following our clients´indications.

  • Advice on distribution, representation, and managing agreements.

  • Actions before Governmental Agencies.

  • Defense of creditors rights at insolvency / bankruptcy cases.

  • Labor matters.

  • Acquisition and disposal of offices and commercial premises.

  • Landlord and tenant matters, including rent reviews and lease renewals.

  • Competition Law.

  • Consumers´Law.

  • Setting up new partnerships.

  • M&A.

  • Incorporation, mergers, acquisitions, and dissolution of companies.

  • Advise to members of the board and stockholders.

  • Advice on shareholders´ agreements.

  • Joint ventures.

  • Reorganization of companies, incorporation of national and foreign stockholders, strategic alliances, purchase and sale of minority and majority interests, due diligence, sale of companies assets.

  • Registration of national and foreign companies

Gondar & Associates has developed wide experience counseling foreign corporations doing business in Argentina.

Commercial Law      Back to Top

We provide legal counsel to our clients in relation to international transactions, trade and related business matters. We also offer our services in relation to commercial legal matters including insolvency, business transactions and agreements.

Litigation      Back to Top

Our practice also include civil, commercial, and administrative litigation including Federal and Appelate Courts and Supreme Court as well as mediation and arbitration. Our Firm has a wide trial activity in both administrative and judicial courts.

Administrative Regulations and Procedures Back to Top

We represent our clients´before the national government and its agencies.

Labour Law    Back to Top

Gondar & Associates has wide practice in labour legal matters including hiring, dismissals, negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, labour unions.

Comprehensive Advice on Aviation Law   Back to Top

We have deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of international aviation law, operational, commercial, and regulatory matters.

For instance, we can provide assistance in areas such as:

  • Airline start-ups § Advice on air services and double taxation greements

  • Filing of requests of scheduled and non-scheduled operations to the Authorities

  • Filing of aviation certificates

  • Immigration and Customs issues including business immigration and work permits

  • Labor matters including negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, employment contracts, downsizing, dismissals, mediations and lawsuits.

  • Dealings with airport operators, electronic ticketing, conditions of carriage, code-sharing, joint operations. 

  • Negotiation of aircraft lease and purchase-sale agreements, airport and airline ground handling agreements. 

  • Defense of both carriers and their underwriters in personal injury, hull, cargo, and baggage claims.

  • Review of dockets § Carriage by air involving international conventions 

Real Estate   Back to Top

We provide counseling in relation to :

  • Purchase and sales

  • Leases

  • Investigation of real property

  • Land developments

  • Administration of real property

  • Rights in rem

  • Registration procedures

Due Diligence   Back to Top

For all our new clients, we provide the service of due diligence through which we revise all the legal documentation of the corporation, in order to determine any pending legal requirements, update the ones that are necessary and carry out the obligations to register those still pending. 

Also, when our clients are interested in buying, acquiring or merging a corporation or group of corporations, we recommend conducting a thorough due diligence procedure, the conclusions of which together with our recommendations are duly documented in a report that contains the legal opinion of our firm.


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